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San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: (856) 899-9460


Release Yourself From

  • TMJ

  • Migraines

  • Scar Tissue

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic Physical Pain and/or Emotional Pain

  • Alignment Issues

  • Scoliosis

  • And More!




Holding Space MFR

Kelly Lawrence

CAMTC #68498

I have studied extensively under John F. Barnes, P.T. in learning his approach to myofascial release which is unlike any other form of treatment for the fascia in existence. It acknowledges the unique function of the fascia (connective tissue) that covers every single structure within our bodies that are often misunderstood or overlooked completely within the study of anatomy and physiology.



The fascia protects our body by bracing during an impact, a trauma, a surgery, or a stressful situation. It is the body’s natural shock absorber. It also is a pathway for sending information throughout the body. When the fascia becomes restricted and unable to release due to a trauma or stressor, it is capable of putting up to 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch on pain sensitive structures locking them down with a “straightjacket” of pressure, which is the underlying cause of many alignment issues, chronic pain, and various other symptoms throughout the body.



This approach uses a gentle sustained pressure into the fascial system, allowing the ground substance of the tissue to rehydrate, soften and release without force or injury. This creates a lasting effect that taps into the mind/body connection we all have within ourselves, liberating clients from physical and emotional restrictions, and helping them to find relief from pain, gain better range of motion, and recover from injuries and surgery or even avoid surgery altogether.  Most importantly, the goal is to address the root cause of your pain and symptoms, not just manage them with temporary solutions.



I first was introduced to the John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach in 2012 after I graduated from Wilmington University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My primary interest in my studies was the relationship between the mind and body as it relates to trauma and stress management.  I have since become a certified massage therapist and have taken several seminars with John all over the country including a week long skill enhancement seminar at Therapy on the Rocks treatment center in Sedona, Arizona where I had the opportunity to observe and treat alongside John and his expert staff.  After witnessing the life changing results of this work in my clients as well as experiencing it first hand, there is no other modality that I would rather do.

"Without awareness, there is no choice"

John F. Barnes, PT



I do not use lotion or oil and please ask that you refrain from using lotion prior to your session.  I use gentle sustained pressure into the fascia which requires skin on skin contact without worrying about sliding.

Please wear loose fitting clothing as I may have you moving around on the table, sitting or standing. I recommend shorts and a sports bra or tank top. Please, no yoga pants or leggings.


During your session: I am constantly evaluating my clients during treatment. I will assess your posture and alignment and then will use gentle pressure to release the restrictions in areas that I feel are hot, hard or tender. While this work is very gentle, it is still possible that you may experience tenderness or tissue memory surfacing during the session. My clients are free to tell me to “ease up” my pressure or to “halt” at any time.


After your session:  The most important post treatment tip I have for you is to drink lots of water. This will help keep you hydrated while your body is processing.  Every treatment is different and every person’s response is unique to them. Some people might feel the need to rest after while others might experience increased energy and focus. Listen to your body and honor what it is telling you.


It is not uncommon for your symptoms to feel worse before they feel better. While uncomfortable, this is a sign that your body is processing a trauma or is otherwise reorganizing after the fascia has been released. This doesn’t always happen but if it does, the best thing to do is to rest and drink plenty of water and this feeling will pass.


A 90-minute treatment is recommended for your first visit. This will give the therapist time to complete an evaluation and provide ample treatment time to address your concerns.


Follow up sessions are at least one hour.  As each release is a minimum of 5 minutes, this allows me to provide you with a unique treatment that will address the underlying cause of your symptoms.


Follow up sessions may also be 90 minutes. Sometimes that extra half hour makes the biggest difference!


I find that packages are a great way to jumpstart your healing journey. Prepay for a package of 5 sessions or more for a 10% discount. Prepay for a package of 10 sessions or more for a 15% discount. Packages payable by check or cash only.



5252 Balboa Ave Unit 604

San Diego, Ca. 92111

Tel: 856-899-9460

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